Starting a roof cleaning business

Make $500.00 dollars a day cleaning roofs!

  Tired of working for someone else? Who isn't right!? Do you wake up every day thinking "man I work all week at this job and I can barely scrape by!?" Well don't worry most of us have been in the same situation and you know what, it doesn't get any easier, ever! There is really only one way out, you must start working for yourself and not work to make other people rich! With your own business you work  your own hours, you control when you wake up and what days you have off and you can make more money cleaning one roof in two to three hours than you can working most jobs the entire week!

  This isn't some get rich scheme or some quick money gimmick! You can easily make $500.00 every single day cleaning roofs! And that's just the start as you grow you could make even more. $1000.00 dollars in one day is not uncommon and I do it myself consistently. I am a professional roof cleaner 12 years and running. I don't even do the work any more which is the point you will eventually want to reach sit back relax and enjoy the good life for a while. We all deserve a taste of the good life and that is what I'm offering you! Get my "starting a roof cleaning business" guide where I will teach you tips and tricks of roof cleaning, buying the right equipment, registering your business with the state opening a commercial bank account and more! After you purchase our guide we will also help you find the lowest cost for roof cleaning equipment, supplies and starting your business website and getting your business on google, yahoo, and bing!

  The freedom having your very own roof cleaning business will bring is like no job you have ever had before you will be free of schools with ridiculous fees and promises, free of a boss yelling at you telling you what to do, free from being startled every morning by some alarm clock scaring the crap out of you! YOU ARE THE BOSS!

  Your roof cleaning business is almost like having the ability to print your own money because you make as much money as you want to make! Clean more roofs make more money, want more time to yourself then hire employees and have them do the work for you!

  Best thing about roof cleaning is that roof cleaning isn't something homeowners want to do they have to do it!! Most newly built homes are in communities called HOA's or Home Owners Associations and when homeowners buy and build a home they rarely read all the fine print until its too late and that is they must clean and maintain the appearance of the properties or face fines and even foreclosure! So when roofs get dirty inside these HOA's they are required by the rules of the HOA to clean the roof and in some cases the HOA's will clean the roof and bill the homeowner. So this business is safe from most economic problems we have been facing and will always have customers looking for your service!

  We will show you how get started in your roof cleaning business with just the basics and from there you will be able to build on or buy new equipment that will help to speed the process up and your profits. Not everyone has the money for high end commercial cleaners so with our guide you will start with very little money and quickly grow into a professional commercial roof cleaning company!

  One thing is certain that there is no doubt that you can make more money than you ever thought possible with this business! I started my own roof cleaning business with a tax return and an ad from a industrial cleaning supply company selling a pressure rig and have never looked back. I lived in a small house in hollywood florida and moved into a 3200 sf home in palm beach. I had lived pay check to pay check with nothing but macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches working crappy jobs! Now I have the time to build this website to help others.
I paid over 40,000 dollars to go to school for computers and Information Technology and could never find a job and every year the jobs wanted something more bachelors instead of associates or two years experience instead of one it kept getting harder and harder. I had started this roof cleaning business to help put me through school not realizing that I make more money doing this then some doctors and lawyers and that's no joke! I only wish I had all the money I wasted in school to put towards my roof cleaning business. I would have actually made money with my money instead of giving it to some scam "school" what a waste . Could have used that money to help myself instead of the owner of the school getting rich off my hopes and dreams. And the job if I did land one would have been boring and making $35,000 a year on average working full time!  I make that sitting at home now!

   Stop wasting your life away waiting for something to happen! Take action and change your life with my guide you will learn everything you need to know to start your own roof cleaning business and more!  We will teach you how to get into communities that need cleaning , direct mail marketing, internet marketing and so much more! I am also here to help by email any questions you may have. And if I don't know the answer I will find it for you! 
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